Wenger – We must finish first to avoid bad experiences.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is delighted about the way the Champions League runway went for the Gunners up until now, but he wants to make sure that Arsenal will be group leaders following the experiences they had last season with Barcelona after they finished in the second place.

“Of course recent experiences encourage us to finish top of the group but first let’s be realistic,” he told Arsenal.com

“We first want to qualify and then we can think about topping the group – let’s get our priorities right.”

“But overall since the start of the season we won at Udinese, got a draw in Dortmund and won in Marseille – they are three difficult games and we did well in all of them.”

“It puts us under a little bit less pressure in the Champions League, lifts the confidence of the team and reassures them of the way we want to play. What is surprising about the Marseille game is that very few chances were created. I believe that was down to the fact that Marseille were desperate to get a draw. “

“Having watched the game again they were never caught on a lack of discipline or desire to defend. Just once in the last minute of the game. But we were patient, disciplined and we had a good attitude. We know we can be more creative but that will come with the confidence of the team.”

The Gunners will have to face the next Champions League task when Marseille will travel to London for the second leg of the dispute. If Arsenal will manage to also win the home game against the French they will most surely succeed in finishing the Champions League group stage as leaders.