Walcott – We are not back on track yet

Arsenal’s winger Theo Walcott seems happy about the way things are going at the club right now, but he says that people shouldn’t be thinking they’re “back on track” just yet. Arsenal has a chance to prove whether they’re back on track or not in the home game against Stoke City. They’re now in the 10th spot in the league with a lot of points to make up for if they want to fight for the title.

“I’ve always felt that the team has been playing well but we’ve not managed to get the right results. The last couple of performances and results have been massive for us, not just for the team but for the whole aura throughout the Club. “, said Walcott

“Everyone is on a high and we need to take that into each game now. We can’t look too far ahead so when people say ‘Arsenal are back on track’ we just have to forget about that. “

“But we are starting to work for each other a bit harder than we have done in the past, that’s the case now, and it’s starting to take shape for us. It’s always going to take time when you have new players come in from different clubs – they need time to settle. They are coming out of their shells as well and it’s only going to do us favours.”

“Tony Pulis has done a great job with their team. They are physically very strong and they play in the Europa League now so they have that to think about, it’s different for them. But with the squad they’ve got I think they have enough players to cope with that. “

“We know their strengths and weaknesses so we just need to utilise and hopefully, with our home support and the way we are playing at the moment, I can’t see why we can’t beat them.”

Theo Walcott was one of the most focused players in this season start and he managed some very good performances up until now. Arsenal’s chances of fighting for the title and for a Champions League spot are not yet scattered, but they need to win back to back games in order to catch up to Chelsea and the two Manchester teams which seem to be running at full speed in the title race.