Wenger – It’s difficult to rest Van Persie

Arsene Wenger was hit by the dilemma of playing Robin Van Persie or not. The team captain is the best player in Arsenal’s squad in this season start, and although Wenger knows he must rest the striker from time to time, the Frenchman can’t bring himself to do that.

“It is a difficult decision to make at the moment,” said the manager. “But I will have to do it.”

“On Monday I decide always to rest him and on Friday I play him again.”

“I don’t know about Sunday. We will assess everybody on Saturday morning, then I’ll make the decision on the day. But I will have to rotate a little bit.”

“Robin has scored 28 goals in 35 games so you always have that dilemma. This season he is certainly [the best all-round striker in the Premier League] and, in the last six months, certainly the most efficient.”

“You like Robin because he’s not a typical goal-scorer. When you see him play it never comes to your mind that this guy is a goal-scorer. And then you look at the record and think he’s not only a good player, he’s a top-class goal-scorer as well.”

“For all the other goal-scorers you do the opposite. You think they do not contribute too much to the game but they score the goals. For him you look and say ‘this is a good player’. And then you see that he scores as well goals.”

Van Persie’s importance in the squad was proved by the goals he managed to score in this season start. Without those goals Arsenal wouldn’t have even been in the 10th place of the Premier League where they are today and that’s why Wenger can’t bring himself to substitute the Dutch.

Another problem might be the fact that Chamakh still seems out of form, and newly transferred striker Park doesn’t seem up for the job yet if we think about the fact that he only played once so far in the FA Cup against Shrewsbury Town.