Wenger – We lack creativity!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is confident that once his team will gather more wins and more momentum the spectacular creative play The Gunners accustomed us with will follow. The statement comes after a Champions League away match won by Arsenal against Marseille with a very small number of chances being created.

“[Our football] doesn’t trouble me too much at the moment,” Wenger said.

“But you will see that, with confidence, this team will be very creative.”

“I do not want to convince that we play in a fantastically eye-catching way at the moment but I believe as well the critics have gone a bit overboard.”

“We have played exceptionally well in the past and they are used to that kind of game. Now, because we have bad results, people have just put in their mind that we have a bad team.”

“However if you analyse deeper our games and, if you watch them again, then although we have some improvements still to make it is not as bad as people say.”

“We had to become a bit more stable defensively. After you concede eight goals it’s always a shock for a team.”

“But we have gone through a stage where we had first to settle down again and be more stable defensively.”

“When we get our confidence back we can be more eye-catching than we are at the moment.”

Confidence was the key to Arsenal’s performances all along in this season and Wenger’s team seems to be building on that. At the moment they have two consecutive wins after the games against Marseille and Sunderland, and Wenger has the chance to get the third against Stoke on Sunday.