Arsenal’s still numb from last season’s mishap.

Arsene Wenger was quoted in an interview on Arsenal’s official website, and the manager seems to be still dwelling on last season’s mishap. The Frenchman was on the verge of having a fabulous season with The Gunners when everything went wrong and Arsenal missed all of their objectives.

“It is still too far [to talk about the title],” he said. “We have to be realistic and first come back to a stronger position. “

“I believe that the team is getting stronger, so let’s focus on just that and be humble enough to make sure we have no regrets. Are we good enough or not? We will see in May. “

“What has happened in the last few months is that Arsenal qualified for the 14th time in the Champions League,”

“It is a club respected all over the world and one of the few that lives with a really healthy financial situation. At the moment when the whole world is bankrupt there is nothing to be ashamed of that we have not done well enough.”

“Last year we were very close to having an exceptional season. That’s part of the game.”

It must be tough to recuperate after such season. The hopes of players and manager alike have been destroyed by what happened last season, and it’s understandable why Arsenal couldn’t find their form right away. It’s like coming out of an accident and still being numb from the adrenaline. Let’s just hope the recovery didn’t take too long and that the season is not yet lost.