Wenger’s criticism could be due to the midfielder drought?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger felt the need to reply to some critics who think that the team is not going too good. The Frenchman spoke once again about the reason Arsenal has so many problems, about the transfer period and about the games they played ever since, highlighting the fact that Newcastle is unbeaten and that the critics slaughtered The Gunners for a draw in the first matchday.

“Football is difficult if you are not united, when you are not it becomes impossible.”, said Wenger

“One strength we do have here is that we are united and we can fight against adversity. When you are at a big club you have to have the mental strength to fight against that. There are periods when people say you are much better than you are and periods when people say you are much worse than you are.”

“People forget that we had to go through a very difficult period with transfers. We had to give absolutely everything to qualify against Udinese and every time we paid a heavy price after that in the championship. “

“I would like to show you some critics after the Newcastle game when we drew 0-0. We got slaughtered, played with ten men, Newcastle are unbeaten and nobody talks about it. We were playing in a very difficult environment from the start onwards and that is not easy for players who come to this Club.”

The problem with Arsenal is not that it’s not in form, but that they are missing several key players. After the outgoing transfers of Nasri and Fabregas and the injury of Wilshere, the boss couldn’t quite find the best footballer who can play alongside Arteta in the midfield. Ramsey was a bit out of form, Benayoun is not quite a top player and Diaby and Wilshere are still injured.

The best thing Wenger can do at the moment is to find a suitable player and begin the transfer talks, so when the transfer season opens Arsenal can take him immediately.