Song was happy for being “captain for a day”

Arsenal’s defensive midfielder and “captain for a day” Alex Song was very happy about the change given to him on Sunday to be the club’s captain in the match against Stoke City. The midfielder debuted as captain of the team with a win, and the match went beautifully for Arsene Wenger’s team.

“I am very proud for being the captain on Sunday. If somebody had said to me six or seven years ago that I would be captain for Arsenal I would never believe them. But today I am very happy because I can show to the boss that I am one of the leaders in the team – we have many players who can do the job.”

“We conceded stupid goals at the start of the season but now we are stronger at the back. That is why we need to improve every week. We saw today that a free-kick [cost us] and that was basic defending. It is very good for us to be stronger and try to defend together. That is what we did in the second half and we took our opportunities. It will come in time.”

“Of course when you play in a team like this you want to win. You just need to be ready for the fight. We had a very hard game today and we just want to show everybody that we did well. “

“Robin came on the pitch and made their defence really nervous. We know he is a great player every time he is on the pitch and he is dangerous. Gervinho did well today but overall the whole team did well today. That is very good because it means we are improving game by game. We have to continue that because the Chelsea game is very important for us.”

Of course, Wenger clearly stated that Robin Van Persie is the club captain and that second in command will be Thomas Vermaelen as soon as he will recover from injury, but with both players absent in Sunday’s game Song had the honour.