Wenger – City’s win was a surprise

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger was shocked by Manchester United’s defeat on Old Trafford. The manager compared City’s late goals with United’s late goals against Arsenal from the 8-2 win, saying that the red card was the decisive moment in the game.

“It was a surprise. You look today that France nearly beat New Zealand [in the Rugby World Cup final] – I didn’t see that coming either! The big scores for me have no special meaning because it means something special has happened in the game.”

“We conceded four goals in the last 20 minutes [at Old Trafford] and today Manchester United conceded three goals in the last 15 or 20 minutes. Once you are in a position where you have to attack with ten men against a good side you are vulnerable.”

“What is more difficult to face afterwards is the emotional aspect of a result like that which remains in your heads and your body.”

Manchester City’s win against United seems to be the best revenge for the Gunner fans after what happened to Arsenal on the same stadium at the start of the season. Now Manchester United’s manager and players know exactly what it’s like to get defeated in such a manner with most of the goals coming in the final minutes of the match. Arsenal will have to play a derby of their own next weekend against Chelsea in a very exciting London derby.