Lille – We’re thinking of selling Hazard

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is now setting up an attack plan after Lille’s officials confirmed the possibility to let midfielder Eden Hazard go. Both Lille’s manager Rudi Garcia and chairman Michel Seydoux stated that the player might leave the French club.

Manager Rudi Garcia stated:

“We’re thinking about it [selling Eden], of course, but it is still a little early at the moment.”

“It would be very hard to replace a player of Eden’s calibre. We’ll see what we can do, but for the moment we are making the most of his presence here.”

Lille’s chairman Michael Seydoux added:

“If he and we are in agreement with him leaving, I don’t know what his price will be at the end of the season”

“What is certain is that we will have the means to recruit after he has gone.”

So after Lille managed to win the League 1 and to participate in the Champions League they are ready to let Hazard go. The Champions League participation was the single thing which blocked the transfer in the summer according to the Club’s officials. They stated that they need Hazard to make a good impression in the group stage.

Most people thought that the real reason they kept the player was to wait for next year’s Euro where he should have qualified with his national team but didn’t manage to do so. If he would have played with Belgium at the Euro 2012 his market value would have increased exponentially.