Wenger trusts RVP to make the right decision

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is confident that star striker Robin Van Persie will extend his contract with The Gunners when the time will be right and that he won’t be just another skilled player to leave the club.

Van Persie joined Arsenal in the summer of 2004 and since then he managed to become not only the captain of the club, but also the icon. The Dutch managed to achieve a performance knew by few players at Arsenal that is to score 100 goals under the club’s colours. Now the 28 year old striker is approaching the end of his contract with The Gunners and everybody is waiting breathless for him to accept a new deal after what happened with Nasri.

Wenger doesn’t seem to worry at all about that and stated:

“He has 18 months to go and I’m confident he’ll sign a new deal. I’m always confident,”

The Dutchman’s contract is indeed due in the summer of 2013 and as he previously stated much can happen in football in 2 years time. Taking into consideration the way Van Persie has been playing for Arsenal in the current season Wenger has all the reason in the world to trust his captain and his decision making skills. After a very poor start of the season the Dutchman was the one who launched the club’s comeback and, with another win in the weekend against Chelsea, the Gunners might be back in the race.