Wenger thinks that Park will prove his worth. Do you?

Frenchman Arsene Wenger was happy with newly transferred Park’s performance in the Carling Cup match against Bolton Wanderers and he told the official club’s website that the Korean will play more and more matches after he manages to completely get accustomed to the English Premier League.

“Park arrived on August 31 and now we are at the end of October – that’s two months,” Wenger told Arsenal.com

“Thierry Henry started to play in November and arrived earlier, so it takes some time to settle. Park is a quality player, we see that in training, and he is a very intelligent player. That can come out in the game. Overall I believe you will see more and more of Park.”

“He personally needed that goal of course but I believe when new players arrive at a club you need that to convince people you deserve to be where you are.”

“Many people think that unless you are coming with a massive transfer fee [you cannot succeed easily]. If he had come with a big transfer fee everybody would have been full of what he achieved. He is showing that he is at the level to play for Arsenal Football Club and certainly the goal will help him to gain confidence.”

Park scored the winning goal with a splendid first touch in the Carling Cup match against Bolton Wanderers. It was the first goal for the Korean at Arsenal in a total of two appearances, both of them in the cup. The striker has a very tough job at hand if he wants to get a first team spot giving that Robin Van Persie is at what we can call “a peak” in his career and it will be very difficult for the Dutch to be replaced. Needless to say that Arsenal still has Chamakh who at the moment is a little bit above Park so the Korean won’t have an easy life at Arsenal.