Wenger – I am less convinced about the financial fair play rule.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is starting to lose interest in the financial fair play rule that UEFA is trying to impose in football. The Frenchman told the club’s official website that UEFA is not yet sure about the rule and the way it should work, and that would be a disaster for them when the big clubs will challenge it.

“I am less optimistic about it coming in than I was a year ago,” he said. “And when it comes in, it depends on with what kind of rules.”

“I am not sure that UEFA has completely worked out all the rules that will make it work.”

“UEFA has been challenged by the Sion case when they excluded them [from the Europa League for fielding ineligible players] and it looks like they are scared they could be challenged by the big clubs if they bring in [FFP] by force.”

“So I am not sure they will be capable of imposing it.”

“I am hoping they are because I am a big fan of it but I am less convinced than a year ago.”

The rule that UEFA is trying to impose is a very good one that will stop clubs like PSG, Manchester City and Real Madrid to create all-star teams and waste billions of dollars on transfers year after year. The problem with this habit is not that big players are rounded up in some teams, it’s that those teams will destroy the ones which don’t follow the same habit and young talented players will become a rare occurrence if clubs like City and PSG will continue their crazy transfer policies.