Walcott – Ramsey said he would have killed me!

Arsenal’s winger Theo Walcott was ecstatic after his team’s win against Chelsea on Saturday, and said that everybody deserved to be “the man of the match” after such a brilliant all-round performance. He even joked after the game, saying that Ramsey threatened to kill him after the match. The Walsh midfielder was wide opened in the box at Walcott’s goal, but the English forward took his chance at goal.

“I don’t know what happened. Maybe because I’m small I managed to get past [the two defenders]!” he told Arsenal.com

“Maybe they thought it was a free kick because I lost my balance but I just managed to sneak round both defenders. Aaron [Ramsey] said he would have killed me if I hadn’t scored because he was wide open in the centre!“

“I was happy that I got a goal but more happy that the team won. It was very important to come out in the second half like we did. In all competitions we’ve managed to win eight out of nine and that was a fantastic win against one of the best clubs around. The whole team deserves the man of the match award.”

Arsenal seems to have bounced back, and they will have to prove that again on Tuesday against Marseille when the French team will travel to London to meet The Gunners on the Emirates stadium. Although they won the first match, Arsenal must treat this one with just the same attitude as they did Chelsea because it could be the difference of finishing the group on the first or second spot.