Walcott – It’s about who wins not about the number of goals

Theo Walcott was quoted on Arsenal’s official website speaking about the way they want to play the game and what expectations they have from this season’s Champions League. According to the winger Arsenal is ready to win by narrow margins like they did in Marseille just as long as it will take them to glory.

“In the Group Stages you just want to get through, it doesn’t matter how you play,” he said. “I think it’s the same in any competition, it doesn’t matter how you win the game so long as you get a positive result.”

“Nobody remembers the dirty 1-0s and 0-0s, it’s all about the finalists and it doesn’t matter how you get there. That’s all we can think about.”

“Obviously we want to finish on top and we still have a lot to do. But now we will be focusing on the weekend and not the Champions League – that is what we do at this club, we focus on the next game.”

“They come around thick and fast and we need to be physically fit and mentally strong as well. Bring on the games, we enjoy playing our football.”

Theo is right! Spain won the World Cup in this exact manner and Real Madrid for an instance scored many more goals than Barcelona in the last two seasons but that didn’t help them win the league. It’s a safe thing to say that it’s better to win every game by a 1 goal margin than to win some games at a handicap.  They must make sure they gather as many wins in the Premier League as possible to be able to challenge City regardless of what it takes to do that.