Wenger – We bought a centre-back and now we have too many

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger offered an interview for the club’s official website regarding the situation with the central defenders at the team. The Gunners now have 5 players on the centre-back position, 6 if we also count youngster Miquel, and Wenger is now looking for the best duo to use to attack the Premier League title.

“The balance is vital,” Wenger told Arsenal.com

“In fairness though, I must say that all the three can play with each other. Koscielny and Vermaelen can play together and Mertesacker can play with Vermaelen and Koscielny. It gives us a bit of an opportunity to rotate a bit when needed and people are tired.”

“Ideally, Vermaelen will play on the left [of the centre-back pair]. But Koscielny can play on the left as well so we have a good potential and balance there. I think that all the three can play at any moment, and we still have Djourou and Squillaci as well. “

“People wanted us to buy a centre-back so much and then suddenly you realise we have plenty.”

Arsenal’s defensive problems seem to have gone away and Szczesny’s goal went unscathed for the whole 180 minutes of the Marseille double encounter in the Champions League. With these kinds of performances Wenger can now focus on getting the same offensive pedigree the team had last season and creating a better understanding between players in the attacking side of the team.