Wenger – We want to be higher up

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is satisfied by the way his team grew since the very poor results from the start of the season and thinks that The Gunners can keep building on this once the International break is over. This might have come at a bad time for Wenger, but he will just have to pick things up where he left them before the player’s departures.

“We controlled the game from start to finish. We played well going forward with our movement. In the second half we controlled the game more than pushed and overall we were defensively solid. We scored five goals last week, three today – eight goals in two weeks makes me very happy.”

When asked about the 3 clean sheets Arsenal got in the last 4 games the Frenchman replied.

“I’m quite happy you noticed that because usually we get some bad publicity for conceding goals. I feel that we have improved but there is still some work to do. But it’s better, it’s solid and overall I feel that the team works well. Unfortunately now we cannot work on it because all the players go away.”

”Vermaelen is settling in very well and very quickly. We have a solid defence, solid centre-backs now. We can even rotate a little bit when needed. Overall compared to one month ago it just shows how quickly football can change. If people work hard, have a good attitude and good spirit, that’s what we want to continue to do. ”

”That’s where we want to be, but we want to be even higher up. Let’s go game by game. When you see where we came from and how much we have suffered that is a good lesson for us to keep working hard. Not so long ago people were asking me whether or not I thought we would be fighting relegation, so let’s continue to work hard and not forget that. ”

Arsenal’s problems are not yet gone but at least results are starting to show. They are now on the 7th spot with a whooping 12 point disadvantage in front of league leaders Manchester City. The best thing about this situation is that City didn’t meet any Big Four teams except United so far, and United was not quite in form when they met, so City can still be stopped in their tracks.