Wilshere vows fidelity but will he fully recover?

Jack Wilshere vows fidelity to Arsenal according to The Mirror. The 19-year-old stated that he’s not going to leave the club any time soon and that in the 10 years he spent at the club he learnt to love it. The International midfielder also spoke about his injury and the way his recovery is going.

“I promise that, yeah. I’ve been at the club since I was nine and learned to love it.

“From the [Patrick] Vieira days, to [Dennis] Bergkamp, [Cesc] Fabregas, I’ve watched them come through and move on. There’s a crop of new players, [Aaron] Ramsey, myself, Kieran Gibbs…hopefully we can really create something special.”

“I love the club and I want to be part of its future.”

“It’s going really slow at the minute and obviously I’m really frustrated,” he added.

“I should be back in training by mid-December, then I can crack on and it’s up to the boss when he picks me.”

“It’s massively frustrating, especially after last year when we were so close to winning a trophy.”

“We beat Barcelona at home and everything seemed to be going well and it ended sadly.”

“I was looking forward to this season, I really thought we could push on and do something. To get a setback is massively frustrating but I’ll be back in December and hopefully we can push on from then.”

By the time Wilshere comes back Arsenal will probably be either in or out of the title chase with no two-way option, so Wenger might need to transfer a quality midfielder in January just to make sure he keeps his chances high. Do you guys think that Wilshere will fully recover to his prior form?