Arsenal’s goalkeepers continue the race at a higher level.

With the international break now upon us, Arsene Wenger had to halt the progress he was making with the team and to risk losing the pace he managed to accumulate in the last few weeks and accept to send his players at their national clubs.

The most worrying thing about this is the fact that the players risk coming back with injuries, and all of them are going to play only friendly games, so if any get injured it would be a big shame and Wenger would have to deal with that even though he shouldn’t have had to.

Leaving all this aside, Arsenal sent a total 16 players to their national teams, but by far the most impressing story is that of goalkeepers Wojciech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski who have to battle each other at the Poland national team after they did the same at Arsenal for quite some time now.

Arsenal usually gives the first choice goalkeeper for Poland’s goal and Fabianski was that player before he got injured and Szczesny stepped up. Now Lukasz is not satisfied with the situation and he intends to leave the Gunners by next summer if he won’t get a chance at being the first choice keeper.

Szczesny was not called up last time Poland played a double friendly against Korea and Belarus so Fabianski had the chance to protect his national team’s goal, but now that Szczesny is fit and was called-up it will be an almost impossible task for Lukasz to get into the first team, even though he previously expressed his EURO 2012 ambitions.