Should we worry about Van Persie’s contract situation?

Arsenal’s officials have finally acknowledged that they have a problem in extending the contract of the team captain Robin Van Persie. The Dutchman still has another 18 months of contract, but Wenger wants to avoid problems like he had with Nasri and that’s why he’s pushing for the player to sign.

Hill-Wood declared:

“I think we will approach him near the end of the season.

“But we obviously hope that he will sign a new contract – I don’t see why he should not. I can’t believe he is unhappy with us.”

He added: “I think he is a decent fellow.

“He was quite difficult at Feyenoord, but we have had no trouble with him.”

Wenger was a bit more optimistic and said:

“He has 18 months to go and I’m confident he’ll sign a new deal. I’m always confident,”

Now it’s tough to trust Wenger when it comes to this sort of deals. Two weeks before both Fabregas and Nasri went away the manager was saying that nobody will leave the club. And the problem is that he believed himself them he was saying that, even though nobody else did. So let’s just hope that this time he’s right…