Wenger – Football is much cleaner now

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to be satisfied by the way the media affected the modern football. In the Frenchman’s vision the modern filming technology helped clean football of bad refereeing decisions.

“The cameras have done a lot of good work for the game,” said Wenger.

“Football has cleaned up its act because it was dirtier 25 years ago. It is much cleaner today because everything in Europe is checked. I remember having played some games in Europe 25 years ago and away from home it was not all clean because it was not filmed.”

“Football is much cleaner and the players know each other better,” added Wenger. “When I was a young coach football was more localised and less global. People didn’t know each other so well and they hated each other much more because we were from one place and not from another. “

“Today even in the hardest derbies you have people greeting each other before a game – you couldn’t see that 25 years ago. The tank of hate was much bigger than it is now before the big games. That has changed.”

Wenger’s right, the media had indeed a positive effect on the modern football and on the way it’s now played. The high-tech cameras help us have a better understanding of what’s happening on the pitch and give us an up-close view of football.