Wenger targets one of Manchester United’s young devils.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has set eyes on yet another young prospect, but this time it’s not one who has to make himself known because the Frenchman wants to steal Manchester United’s young star Paul Pogba.

The youngster was on Arsenal’s radar before he managed to sign with Manchester United when he left French side Le Harve in 2009, but Sir Alex Ferguson beat Wenger to him. Now the player is approaching the end of his contract and hasn’t still sign an extension.

Pobga is unhappy at United because he hasn’t yet got the chance to play in the first team, and the player wants that badly. Taking into consideration Wenger’s character that will be bound to happen at Arsenal once the player is well adapted.

Wenger is expected according to The People to make an offer for the young midfielder if he won’t extend his contract soon. I say let the player come! Every skilled kid is welcomed, and when we also get to rip United of a quality player I’m even happier. What do you think?