Mourinho attacks Neymar’s haircut. What about Frimpong and Song?

There has been much speculation about this and many dismiss the possibility of Neymar’s transfer to Arsenal, but why should they? Why should The Gunners be satisfied with less rather than transferring a top notch player which would be sure to bring a lot of skill to the team?

Santos extended Neymar’s contract and the Brazilian youngster declared:

“Here is where I’m happy and here is where I want to stay. I’ve always said that happiness would play a significant role in my decision.”

After the transfer failed, Real Madrid officials had a very unpleasant reaction, and Santos’ president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira declared:

“I told him to break it off because they had an unfortunate and arrogant attitude, typical of a colonial mentality.”

“Mourinho was going to ask him to get a haircut while here [at Santos] he would be able to wear his hair as he wanted.”

“There is no agreement or draft agreement between Santos and Barcelona.”

“When I called to inform both teams that Neymar extended his contract, Rosell was very friendly but Florentino was angry and the conversation lasted less than a minute.”

So if Mourinho has a problem with Neymar’s haircut and the footballer wants to be happy, I’m sure that he can be at Arsenal. And if Wenger could accept Frimpong’s and Song’s haircuts there’s virtually nothing that could upset him, so why not bring Neymar over?