RVP saves Arsenal once again

Arsenal’s captain and top striker Robin Van Persie did it again! He managed to turn the score around for The Gunners and score the club’s two goals confirming his great form and the team’s dependence on him.

Wenger’s team managed to continue to build on their fabulous late form with yet another win. It seems that the horrible period Arsenal had at the start of the season is long gone, and now they are gunning towards the first place in the league. Just for a few hours until City will play their game against Newcastle, Wenger closes the gap to 9 points and now the title fight is seen at the horizon after 5 consecutive Premier League wins for The Gunners.

Norwich started the game in a big way and after some big misses on Arsenal’s side they managed to open the score in the 17th minute.  The lead lasted only 10 minutes until the man who is currently the most prolific striker in England, Robin Van Persie, managed to score after a great cross by Walcott.

Although Gervinho had a very good game he didn’t manage to push the ball into the net on several occasions. First he missed the ball at Van Persie’s goal and then he got blocked in the last instance by Norwich’s goalkeeper Ruddy after a great run.

The salvation came from the same Dutch striker who got a through ball from Song in the 60th minute and took it beautifully after a lobbed shot at goal.

Arsenal now have 22 points and they managed to suffer only one loss in 12 games played. They have a great chance of getting back in the title race if they keep this up, but Manchester City will be no easy target taking into consideration their late form.