Wenger Renews His Marriage Vows With Arsenal – The Club Of His Life!

There were rumours this week (after an interview on L’Equipe) that Arsene Wenger was considering getting a divorce from his lover for the last 15 years, Arsenal Football Club.

At the time there were also reports that he had been seen flirting with some younger French floosies in Paris and Madrid, but he has already denied he had been unfaithful.

Now he has made it clear that there is little chance of a divorce in the near future and has nenewed his vows. He said: “I wanted just to say that this is the Club of my life,”

“I have a contract that I will honour and the only way I would one day consider leaving is if I feel I have not done well enough for the Club.

“You cannot say you love the Club and have a start like we had then ignore it. That is just what I wanted to say.

“There is no mixed message in there. My commitment and love for this Club is total. The only way I would consider my future is if I was not doing well enough for the Club.”

So although the marriage contract only has another two years to run after this one, it seems that Wenger really meant “Til Death do us part” when he married Arsenal all those years ago!