Racism attack at Eboue in Turkey at Besiktas.

Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboue is not having the best of times in Turkey after he suffered a massive attack during the derby Besiktas played against Galatasaray. The two Istanbul teams have a life-long rivalry between them and these games are well known for creating riots amongst the fans.

Eboue was attacked with numerous objects during the game which were thrown from the stands. Some thought that they were related to an overreaction the player had earlier in the game, but most people think that it was a racial attack.

Even though the Ivorian asked the referee to stop the match or do something about the fans, the official did nothing but let the play continue and the crowd also continued to throw objects at the former Gunners. Many of them including a water bottle and some lighters hit the Ivorian.

Eboue posted this on his Twitter account a few days back:

“Eto’o got racist chant how many times in barcelona. what did the spanish lg or fifa do bout it? nothing! Roberto carlos got banana thrown”

So perhaps it wasn’t the smartest of moves for Eboue, but there’s nothing he can do now about it but try to find a way out of Turkey soon.