Wenger thinks Mertesacker should take example

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger was not disappointed of Per Mertesacker’s performance in the match against Norwich City and thinks that it’s tougher for a defender to adapt to the English Premier League playing style than it would be for any other player.

“He had not completely recovered [from the internationals],” said Wenger. “It is a different game in England, a very demanding game for the defender.

“In every second of the game you are really tested with full commitment, and it takes some time to adapt.”

“We have seen that with [Laurent] Koscielny, who played at right-back and was exceptional.”

“Last year he would not have delivered this kind of performance because you learn that from fighting in every game. That is why it is so difficult to buy defenders from abroad.”

Mertesacker had a poor game against Norwich City, but he has improved his performances since joining Arsenal.  Although he’s not as secure as he is when playing for Germany, the central defender will surely adapt with time and become the defender everybody wants him to be.