Will Tottenham fans take up Jack Wilshere’s challenge?

Harry Redknapp’s Tottenham side continued their excellent start to the season with another win over Aston Villa at White Hart Lane last night, but Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has challenged Spurs fans to bet him on whether they finish above the Gunners at the business end of the season.

Wilshere has promised to give £3000 to the Jack Marshall Charity Fund if, by some miracle, Spurs are still ahead of the Gunners at the end of the campaign, but I’m sure Jack believes that it will be Tottenham fans paying the money instead!

Wilshere said on his Twitter page: “All spurs fans buzzing that they are ahead of us in the league (for once). Its a marathon, not a sprint!

“I tell you what at the end of the season if spurs finish above arsenal I will give £3000 to charity and if arsenal finish above spurs every spurs fan that follows me must send me a pound each and I will give it to the Jack Marshall charity!”

Jack Marshall was a six year-old lad who sadly passed away last month after living with a brain tumour, and Arsenal’s Jack has a son also called Jack Junior and he is doing his utmost to help the charity set up in Jack Marshall’s honour.

Let’s hope he can persuade some Tottenham fans and players to contribute!