Arsenal could prosper without Robin Van Persie

The atmosphere at Arsenal seems to be improving constantly, and now skipper Robin Van Persie declared himself very happy with the assists he gets and ever stated that some goals are not thanks to him, but the team.

“Theo has given me more assists than anyone else this year,” he told “I’ve certainly noticed it and that’s why I really liked the fact that he gave me the ball for my 100th goal – it was meant to be!”

“Hopefully I can give him some proper assists as well, because as a striker I believe assists are just as important as the goals you score.

“Theo’s assists aren’t lucky – they’re proper assists, down to good movements, good actions, good final balls. For me that’s perhaps even more important than a goal. “

“For example, I look back at my first goal against Chelsea and don’t really feel that it’s mine – it’s 95 per cent down to Gervinho. And my first goal against Norwich was 90 per cent Theo’s – a fantastic first touch, great pace, good cross and bang, I tap it in. “

“OK, it goes in my name, but that’s a tiny part of the story. I do appreciate that, and hopefully I can give him and all the other guys just as much back.”

“Don’t forget Aaron,” Van Persie added. “He was a bit unlucky against Norwich as he should probably have been passed to on a couple of occasions when he’d shown great movement to get into good positions.”

“I should definitely have given him one ball, looking at it again, and there were other times too. If he keeps going that, though, he’ll score goals.”

Van Persie is right to give some of the praise to others. Gervinho for example is one of the best ranked players in this English Premier League season on the “assists” table with no less than 5 decisive passes. So there’s much more to Arsenal than Van Persie as some think.