Do we trust Van Persie’s right foot?

Arsenal’s top striker Robin Van Persie offered an interview to about the right-footed lobbed goal he scored against Norwich City. He is currently arguably the most prolific striker in the world and the confidence he has at the moment shows on the pitch. According to Arsenal’s captain, he was never afraid of using his right foot even though he trusts the left one more.

“The goals are going in and I’m in the zone where things are going well – balls just bounce in front of me and things are coming off, so why not try it?,” he told

“Everything with my right leg started when I was six or seven years old and did some training with it.”

“I worked loads on my left foot when I was even younger – of course I was lucky to have some talent, but it came to life through hard work on the streets and in training.”

“A couple of years later I did the same with my right. I knew for a very long time that my right leg was good enough, but when you’re a left-footed player and miss a chance or two with your right then maybe people think, ‘it’s his bad leg’.”

“Personally I never felt that – I always felt confident, and now that seems to be coming out a bit more. “

“Maybe in the past I’d choose to turn back onto my left foot, but with fitness and form you get more chances to take the odd risk here and there.”

Van persie now has 10 goals scored for Arsenal in this season of English Premier League, proving that he can probably push the ball into the net with almost any extension of his body. He scored with headers, right foot and left, and against Norwich he just showed off his skill a bit by attempting to lob the goalkeeper with his right foot.