Szczesny – Arrogant or overachiever?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger praised goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny for his late performances ahead of the Champions League group stage clash against Borussia Dortmund. The Pole became the first goalkeeper after Fabiansky got injured, and remained on that position ever since.

“It’s not confidence, it’s honesty,” Wenger said. “There is a difference. He questions his performances like everyone else, he just tries to be honest about what it is.

“I like it that when you start at 20 a career you want to be honest. When you are honest you can sometimes look a bit cocky. But he is not, he is just honest. “

“Further in their career, the players learn to become more politically correct and they finish at 35, where you can predict exactly the interview you will get. So, he is just honest.”

“Wojciech is a quiet boy usually, you know. But he has something that is difficult to explain. Some keepers have that, some do not. That’s what you call presence, charisma, confidence. It must be a mixture of all that.”

“He is focused every day, you never think he is a comedian when you watch him practice. But you have to be careful as well because people want a quick image of you and it’s sometimes a superficial one. “

“He is a deep thinker, you do not play at this level and make the decisions he makes if you do not think about the game.”

Szczesny proved to be in the best shape of his life this season and Wenger is right to think that the goalkeeper is increasing his performances and works hard to do that. And perhaps being a bit arrogant is not bad at all for a goalkeeper of his standard. It gives team-mates that extra touch of confidence.