Song attacks Arsenal’s critics

Arsenal’s defensive midfielder Alexandre Song is angry at the critics who attacked them after the poor start of the season, and doesn’t understand why people did that. The Gunners were in a very poor position at the start of the season, but that was understandable giving the situation at the club.

Now that Arsenal are right back riding the wave all the critics seem to have disappeared, but nobody took back any of the statements which were speaking about a possible relegation.

“We started very badly and it is not easy when you have new players coming in. You need to give them time and we see that we are not like three or four months ago.”

“We have managed very well, we’ve played very well and we’ve tried to help each other out. Now, with the new players, we have a very good cohesion. I think that is very important.”

“When we started, it was not easy to have players like Cesc and Nasri missing. They were big players for us, very important, but in football it happens all the time.”

“You need to forget about it and give confidence to the players we have got. Today we are happy about it.”

‘‘We have some players missing like Jack Wilshere but Abou [Diaby] has come back. [Tomas] Rosicky is injured, but when everyone comes back we will be stronger.”

“Maybe some people were too hard on Arsenal – I don’t know why. We have just been trying to do our jobs and we are happy to have won and shown that what everyone has said has been wrong.”

“Everything is working and we don’t want just to keep it like this, we want to look forward.”

Song is right to come out and publically state this. The critics should be ashamed of themselves by attacking the club like that. You don’t hit a man when he’s down, but that’s exactly what they did. Hopefully the situation and the league spot will continue to increase with time now that Wenger pulled things straight again.