Wenger warns Olympiakos that Arsenal might be even more dangerous

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger did a bit of bragging after he managed to win the very tough Champions League group Arsenal was given, but he warned Greek side Olympiakos Piraeus not to expect an easy game when Arsenal will travel to Greece to play the last game of the group.

“The only thing I will say is that we still want to win the game and respect the competition”, Wenger told Arsenal.com

“We are Arsenal Football Club and we want to be respected for that.”

“It doesn’t put you under pressure to play players who are on the verge of being injured and therefore of course you can be a bit more cautious.”

“We haven’t lost a game up until now and I believe we had a very difficult group”, said Wenger.

Wenger is most likely to rest some of the more important players and give some chances to other more inexperienced ones. We can expect to see Chamberlain, Chamakh or newly transferred Park on the pitch in Greece, but there’s a possibility that Arsenal will be even more dangerous in this formation because each one of them has something to prove to the manager.