Jol – We must stop Van Persie

Fulham’s boss Martin Jol seems to think that a top priority for Fulham this weekend is to annihilate Robin Van Persie completely and stop him from scoring.  The Dutch manager thinks that this is the key to get a good result out of the match against Arsenal, and he’ll treat this as the most important aspect of the game.

“The priority is to defend well but still play with confidence and belief. I think we have done that in our last three or four away games.”, said Jol

“We have kept a clean sheet three times so we have some confidence of doing that [again]. I think we are always capable of creating a few chances.”

“Of course they have their strengths, but they also have their weaknesses like any other team.”

“The other night Borussia Dortmund did well against them but Arsenal have the quality now with Van Persie, he is the one scoring the goals and has a hell of a record.”

“They play in a specific style with two wing players, Van Persie up front and three midfielders – two attacking, one sitting. That has changed a bit from a couple of years ago when van Persie was a lower number 10 or second striker.”

“They are playing with a lot of possession and of course they have a lot of talent in the team, but they still have to rotate at the back. Hopefully we can exploit the space we get.”

“In any game we will get chances, so if we can do the same we did against Wigan, where we scored two goals out of three or four attempts, then we can always get a result.”

It’s understandable why Jol fears Van Persie so much. The late form of the Dutch striker would scare any manager who is about to face him. He managed to get a brace against Dortmund as well as Norwich City, and he will surely try to do the same again today against Fulham.