Manchester City will make a move on Robin Van Persie

Manchester City’s manager Roberto Mancini is not content with the fact that he stole Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri from under Arsene Wenger’s nose last summer just when the players started to play at their full potential, now he also wants to rip Arsenal of Dutch striker Robin Van Persie.

Robin became one of Europe’s top transfer targets after a brilliant season. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City are all lining up for the striker, and he has yet to sign a contract extension with Arsenal.

Perhaps when the Dutchman will agree with a new contract speculations of a possible move will shade away, but until then everybody is going to talk about the possibility of him leaving just like the others did.

Former Arsenal star Robert Pires thinks that Wenger must buy more top quality players if he wants to keep Van Persie aboard even though the striker is happy at the club.

“I think he will stay. Why? He has status at Arsenal and he is highly ­regarded. But I also believe that Arsenal need to sign some ­important players next summer. That will help to keep him.”, said Pires

I think that Wenger doesn’t necessarily need to bring in “Golden Boots”, what he needs is to bring in some trophies. That should keep the players going and keep the smiles on their faces.