Arsenal set eyes on League 1’s top scorer

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is looking all over the world for a top striker whom he can bring in to replace Marouane Chamakh in January. The Morocco striker is expected to leave in January for PSG or Bordeaux, and Wenger wants to replace him as soon as possible.

The boss found a potential striker in the country he looks at first for most of his transfers, France. Montpellier’s striker Olivier Giroud caught Wenger’s eye with some very impressive games played this season.

The striker is currently the League 1 top scorer and helped Montpellier reach the first position in the league with his amazing record of 11 goals in 14 games. With that kind of a statistic behind him he might even be considered dangerous for Robin Van Persie, yet alone Chamakh or Park.

The only negative thing about Giroud is that the French league is much different than the English league is. Chamakh is the best example for that. He came to the club as a top scorer and now he doesn’t even manage to play anymore. But on the other hand Gervinho seems to be doing a good job for Arsenal, and even though he still has some work to do he manages to improve after each game. Do you think Giroud would be a good addition to Arsenal?