Gervinho: An Arsenal legend of the future or not?

A funny hairstyle and a hilarious personality, Gervinho was signed from Lille in the summer of 2011 as a replacement for the departure of Nasri to Man City. He started with a brace in a friendly match against FC Cologne and his dribbling and technical ability wowed the Arsenal faithful at that time.

Then, his bad temper became very evident in his red card showing in the goalless draw at St James Park after a brawl involving Joey Barton. However, he recovered from the slump and started to shine for Arsenal. Goals against Blackburn and Stoke showed that he was up for the task in the premier league. He was also threatening on the left flank, dishing out assists for Arsenal. His unselfishness was seen in VanPersie’s first goal against Chelsea.

The question now is will Gervinho star for Arsenal and become a legend or will he be like Hleb and Nasri, showed brilliance but left shortly after. One thing that Gervinho has that the other two lacks would be commitment to the club. Before he arrived, he stated that the day he puts on the Arsenal shirt, it would be a dream come true for him. From his gameplay, it can be seen that he puts in heart and effort, constantly on the run, offense and defense. His technical ability has also put him in good positions many times and though the final ball is lacking, he just needs time to gel with the Arsenal team like Walcott did.

Wenger stated recently that the goals will start coming from Gervinho due to the hard work and effort he puts in during training. A man with so much passion for the club and for the game, I feel that he would never betray Arsenal to join other clubs for glory or monetary benefits. Instead he would work together with the squad and bring Arsenal atop yet again.

However, what would happen in the future is always unknown. What do other Gooners think about Gervinho’s future at Arsenal?