Nasri vs Frimpong in post-game fight

Samir Nasri had a nervous break-down and got into a fight with Arsenal’s midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong after the Emirates game won by City 1-0. The two players argued in the tunnel after the game, and at the press conference an Arsenal official declared:

“Words were exchanged. That was that. There were no punches thrown, but there was a lot of noise.”

“Sami was speaking in French, Manny wasn’t. But they didn’t even touch. It was handbags.”

City’s manager was not happy with the way Nasri played and said after the match:

“I think Nasri can play better [than he did tonight]. It may have affected him.”

“He’s a very top player. Maybe it is because it is the first time he has come back to Arsenal. It’s not easy for him after being here for a few years.”

“But I didn’t have other players. Samir Nasri played 60 minutes [on Sunday against Liverpool]. I played him to spare him a hostile reception [when City visit Arsenal] in the Premier League.”

“I think he has yet to find his best form and can improve a lot. It was the same for the other players that arrived last year. For Edin [Dzeko] and David [Silva] for two months they had a problem.”

“When you arrive in a new team, sometimes it takes time to settle in. He can improve a lot because he is a champion.”

It’s well known that Samir Nasri is not one of Arsenal’s favourite after he left for City’s money in the summer, and it seems that the Gunners are still keeping a grudge against the French midfielder. Frimpong was one of the most angry players back when Nasri left and he Tweeted at the time: