Arsenal need Sagna back as quick as possible!

Since Bacary Sagna’s arrival to Arsenal, he has established himself as one of the best full backs in the premier league. In his debut season, he made the premier league team of the year and grabbed 6 assists down the most feared right flank of Arsenal. With a fabulous stamina, Sagna is able to run up and down the right flank, supporting the attack and backing up the shaky Arsenal defence.

Sagna is extremely important to Arsenal, especially during the crunch period. Presently, Sagna is out with injury till the New Year. This could be very disastrous for Arsenal as Jenkinson is still very raw in his gameplay. He was missed horribly in Arsenal’s 5-3 victory over Chelsea where Ashley was ‘raping’ the right flank of Arsenal in the first 10 minutes and Djourou(Right back on that day) had absolute no answer against that rampage.

One of Arsene’s most spot on signing from France; Sagna is now one of the best right back in the premier league. He is the most solid of the Arsenal backline and he is one of the leaders and powerhouses of the team. One thing is for sure, Arsenal cannot afford to lose such a dynamic full back like Sagna.

Hopefully, both Arsene and Arsenal can recognize the importance of the strange haired man and keep him at Arsenal in years to come.