Wenger delighted about new young transfer.

Arsene Wenger must be having a party right about now to celebrate his decision making. Last summer when he went for Chamberlain everybody around football was saying: “what is he thinking?”; but the Frenchman proved once again that he’s got a special eye when it comes to talented youngsters.

“Oxlade-Chamberlain the whole night looked as though he could deliver something special,” said Wenger.

“He has shown that he has moved forward considering where he was in the last two months. He has improved a lot already.”

“You could push him easily off the ball two months ago, but on this occasion you could see his resistance to challenges. His strength in duels is also there. That is important at the top level.”

The young hotshot reacted to Wenger’s statement and said:

“I haven’t been getting many chances but that’s because we’ve got such a strong squad.” he said.

“I’ve been trying my best in training and I think I’ve been progressing. I’ve been fitting in more and finding myself more comfortable around the boys.”

“I think that is half the battle. Once you win the respect of your team-mates, you start to come out of your shell and play better.”

“I do feel I am starting to do that more and on this occasion I was happy with my performance.”

Wenger managed to bring this young inexperienced and obscure player from Southampton when nobody really knew who he is, and now Chamberlain seems to be turning into the next bright star in Arsenal’s team. With appearances like the one against such a powerful side like City, Chamberlain could shortly become one of the most important players at Arsenal.