When will the saga about Arsenal relying on RVP end?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger offered a statement for the club’s official website speaking about the situation with the strikers at the club and the Gunners’ reliability on skipper Robin Van Persie who seems to be the name under every Arsenal goal in the last games.

“At the moment I can’t deny that [we rely on him for goals] but I believe that the likes of Gervinho, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott can score goals and I believe they will,” he told Arsenal.com

“They can score goals, I am completely confident of that. And they will score. At the moment Robin is always on the end of things. I think he will continue but I also think it will change that the other players will score goals as well.”

Arsenal does indeed rely on Van Persie, but doesn’t Barcelona rely on Messi and United on Rooney and so on? Why is this such a big factor? Yes, Robin is in a top form, and yes he’s been scoring a bucket load of goals, but why is that in any way a negative factor for Arsenal? If Robin can score the goals needed to win every match until the end of the campaign should he be the only one who gets the title and a medal for that?

This is nonsense and people should stop categorizing things like that. Robin wouldn’t score without the team and the team has a central striker for exactly the job Van Persie takes care of. Should Santos or Mertesacker score more goals or why is this an issue? Gervinho and Wlacott are there to provide and Van Persie to finish, and the three do exactly what they’re asked to do. Don’t you think?