Will Arsenal lose Theo Walcott?

Arsenal might lose Theo Walcott in January and this would only add to the fans despair after losing Samir Nasri and Cesk Fabregas in the summer.

Nasri chose Manchester City’s money while Fabregas chose to join his home team Barcelona and reunite with his family.

Now the danger Wenger is facing is losing Theo Walcott who is tempted by Juventus to make the switch between Premiership and Serie A. The Italian giants want to offer £20million on the winger, but they want to pay most of that with 27-year-old winger Serbian Krasic.

Wenger is a well known admirer of the Serbian winger who joined Juventus in 2010 but now seems set to leave even if the deal with Arsenal will go through or not. Even if Krasic is indeed a top player, he cannot be compared with Walcott and a move like this would only be seen as a step in the wrong direction for Arsenal’s manager who is most likely to decline the move.