Arsenal’s midfielder Abou Diaby is Out Again

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger explained why Abou Diaby missed the weekend’s game against Wigan Athletic and why he’s likely to be out for the Olympiakos and the Everton games as well. Apparently Diaby picked up a thigh strain and will now have to rest until it’s gone.

“He is currently not fine. He has made so much effort to get back.”, said Wenger

“I was afraid he would never be back to his best, but now I am convinced he will find his full potential again.”

The midfielder only got to play a few minutes since coming back from injury so he’ll have to take things easy in order to keep himself injury-free. Even if he will get a few games for Arsenal a lot of people seem to think that he’ll be transferred in January to make room for Dortmund’s Gotze. Do you think that as well?