Arteta – It’s not just about Robin Van Persie

Arsenal’s playmaker Mikel Arteta seems to think that it’s a good thing for others to step up from time to time as it takes the pressure off team skipper Robin Van Persie.

“For me, it was good the other players scored to take pressure off Robin,” said the Spanish midfielder.

“You cannot rely on Robin to score the goals all the time. He is on a terrific run and hopefully he can keep it up.”

“He has so much natural quality. He is so good he makes it look as though he is not trying. He scores goals and makes them, he works hard, he is a superstar.”

“But it is not fair on Robin. He scores all the time and it was good for us to share the goals around. We have to share the responsibility – it’s not just him. ”

Arteta scored the first goal against Wigan Athletic in the weekend with a splendid shot from a long way out. Even though the Spaniard had a splendid time at Arsenal so far, Wenger is still looking to bring in reinforcements for the midfield with Wilshere still injured.