Arsenal Could Face United, Benfica or Milan. Who would be the best opponent?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger was not at all satisfied of the team’s performance against Greek side Olympiakos and seemed a bit frustrated by the sloppy approach the players had.

“I never like to lose and I have some regrets,” the Frenchman told Sky Sports.

“We must give credit to Olympiakos tonight because they played a very physical game and in the first half it was very difficult for us.”

“And I don’t think we had the right tactical approach.”

“We went too much for short balls and it was a game of contact.”

“In the second half at 2-1 we looked like we might come back, but they were always dangerous and probably deserved it.”

“Many of the players did not have experience in the Champions League so were a bit surprised by the pace of the game.”

This game had no meaning for Arsenal, so Wenger won’t be much affected by it. The Gunners will have to wait now to see what the draw holds in hand for them. The toughest team they could go against would be Benfica Lisabona who defeated Arsenal previously this year, Napoli or Milan. Some of the easy opponents for Arsenal would be Zenit, Trazbonspor or Basel, but there will be more certainty upon this after today’s Champions League games. Who would be the best opponent?