Arsenal told there’s no chance to sign Gotze now

Borussia Dortmund’s striker Kevin Grosskreutz offered a shocking statement in which he basically blasted Arsenal’s hopes to transfer Dortmund’s wonderkid Mario Gotze in the January market opening.

“He cannot leave without me because we are always together. Gotze and I will stay until 2014.”, said Grosskreutz

This statement came after an earlier statement this year which stated:

‘If I do ever leave Dortmund, I would like to go to the Premier League in England, and my favourite club there is Arsenal.’

So this can be watched from two angles. Either Arsene Wenger gives up because he thinks there’s no chance, or he makes a smart move and buys the two players at a package. Grosskreutz is a top striker with incredible skill, and if he will also persuade Gotze to join it will surely be worth the trouble for Arsenal’s manager.