Wenger – Neymar would be the best transfer for us

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger made a shocking statement when he said that he would buy Neymar in an instance in Arsenal would have the money which would persuade the Brazilian club to let him go and the player to come at Arsenal.

“If I had the money today, I’d put it on Neymar.”, said Wenger

“You can’t say that Neymar is Pele as he had won the World Cup by the age of 17. “

“He has the potential to be one of the future great strikers but at the moment there’s a big difference between the Brazilian league and a European league.”

Neymar managed to impress everybody in Brazil, but as Wenger said the difference between Brazil and Europe is a big one and you can’t know for sure that the Brazilian would be such a great success after he will leave his home country.