Wenger Is Suspected Of Losing To Kick Dortmund Out

Speculations have appeared about Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger possible helping hand in the attempt to kick German giants Borussia Dortmund out of the European Leagues.

The Frenchman knew very well that if Olympiakos won and Dortmund lost the Germans would be out of the European cups for good this season and many voices in Germany suspect the Frenchman of voluntarily allowing Olympiakos to win in order to smooth out his way to buy Gotze.

The math is simple, if Dortmund isn’t playing in any European league Gotze’s wish to continue with the club is decreased, so Wenger’s chances to transfer the player are therefore increased.

Everybody started thinking about this after they’ve seen an improved Arsenal side compared to the one which met City a week ago losing to Olympiakos. The defence was a lot weaker in the City match, yet the Gunners managed to stop City’s stars from scoring while a defence with Vermaelen and Santos couldn’t stop Olympiakos’ strikers from doing the same. What do you think about the match? Was it all one of the Professor’s plans?