Karma Hits Nasri Right In The Face After Arsenal Exit

Nasri must be kicking himself right about now for leaving the Gunners in the Summer the way he did to “search glory”. He said that he’s only leaving because he wants to win trophies and not for the money, but that seems to have backfired for the French midfielder.

“The Champions League setback will not make us more hungry to win the Premier League because we were hungry from the first game of the season,” Nasri told The People.

“At the start we wanted to win everything. We can’t win the Champions League now but we will try to win the Europa League, and the Premier League as well.

“At City we play as a team and defend very high – our model is Barcelona.

“The way they play is that when the defence get the ball it is easier for you because there is less running, so we are fresh in the last 30 metres. It’s the way we want to play.

“We always have plenty of solutions when we are in the final area of the pitch and it is good to play with so many attacking options.”

If this is not a result of karma than nothing is! Arsenal is now through to the knockout stage of the Champions League while Nasri is in the Europa League and City have Arsenal, United and Chelsea breathing down their necks in the Premiership title race.