RVP Saves Arsenal Again And Needs 4 More Goals.

Dutchman Robin Van Persie proved vital for Arsenal once more and he managed to score the single goal in the Everton match with a sublime execution after a pass from Song.

Manager Arsene Wenger was delighted with the Dutchman’s performance and stated:

“Today Robin got us a goal which was at the moment of the game where we struggled a little bit to create chances.

“He delivered something special and three important points.”

“Robin has scored an exceptional goal, he said himself he was not in his best of days, but what is important is you are efficient,” Wenger added.

“That is what it is to be professional, when you do not feel the greatest.”

“Overall we created many chances in the first half and the players were a bit disappointed at half-time that we did not score,” Wenger said.

“In the second half Everton played deeper and gave us less room, we lacked a bit of team pressure to get them out of position.”

“We needed something special. I was always confident we would score, but I am very pleased we kept composure and did not give a goal chance away.”

With this goal Robin is now at the 33 mark in the year 2011 and in the last 4 matches Arsenal will be playing this season he will have to score at least 4 goals to break Alan Shearer’s record of 36 games in just one year. Club legend Thierry Henry also has a record of 34 goals in 2004, but Robin is likely to outrun the Frenchman is he doesn’t get injured until the end of this year.