Is Robin Van Persie Arrogant?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is delighted about making the choice to offer the captain’s armband to Robin Van Persie and declared himself very happy about the way Van Persie has developed into a mature intelligent striker.

“Robin is more mature. When you are 22, you don’t have the best of games, you rush your moments a little bit. When you are 28 you can keep focus and if you get a chance, try to get it away,” the Arsenal manager said.

“When he first joined Arsenal, Robin was nervous, he was impatient, like every young player.

“Now he is completely different. He has something that explains his complete change.

“He can be impulsive, but he listens to people, but he is honest speaking and doesn’t bear a grudge afterwards.

“You can sometimes be hard with him, but if you are right he thinks you are right.

“He speaks his mind, but that is why I believed he has changed so much.”

Wenger added: “Robin is not arrogant. He is intellectually honest and intelligent.

“I give the most credit in my job to those who can change, because that is the most difficult thing. People who change maybe make the biggest improvement in their lives.”

Robin is close to making Premiership history with his 33 goals so far this year. He only needs 4 more to beat Alan Shearer’s 36 goals and become the record holder. The skipper has proved himself to be vital for the club in the past year and if he will continue his incredible performances he will surely take Arsenal to Premiership glory. Don’t you think so?